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Some people work to live. We live to create smart work.

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Welcome to the Haus. We invite you to come in, and learn who we are.

You’ve heard the saying a clean house is a happy house. Well, we believe true happiness is found somewhere in the messy middle. Good ideas never arrive easily. Often times they require a good rumble, a lot of no’s, a responsible dose of booze, and they always require collaboration.

Allow us to introduce ourselves through some visual representations found around our office that reflect this messy middle. Sometimes words are not enough to explain who we are (and we love visuals). These items are key to our creative process and daily survival.

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Below | Select a hotspot to discover more.
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For more information about our merger contact us.

We are always looking for new talent. To see available positions on the prairie click here.

[nectar_image_with_hotspots image=”1652″ preview=”” color_1=”Accent-Color” hotspot_icon=”plus_sign” tooltip=”hover” tooltip_shadow=”none”][nectar_hotspot left=”11.432%” top=”23.7783%” position=”bottom”]Thursday’s are for championships. We go into full bracket play starting at 2:30 Thursday afternoons.[/nectar_hotspot][nectar_hotspot left=”42.2836%” top=”21.366%” position=”bottom”]No mic drop here. But we do love a good Zoom call. [/nectar_hotspot][nectar_hotspot left=”57.9509%” top=”20.3966%” position=”bottom”]Our client, Brené Brown, introduced us to this sinfully delicious Mineral Water[/nectar_hotspot][nectar_hotspot left=”69.04102622061484%” top=”44.47592067988669%” position=”right”]If you have the chance to visit us in the Haus you’ll be greeted by Salvy and one of her toys.[/nectar_hotspot][nectar_hotspot left=”42.6537%” top=”68.272%” position=”right”]Wine Thursday! We open a bottle to toast the accomplishments of the week.[/nectar_hotspot][nectar_hotspot left=”38.8393%” top=”54.9575%” position=”left”]Coffee … It’s our daily fuel.[/nectar_hotspot][nectar_hotspot left=”73.0193%” top=”25.4958%” position=”left”]Our interior design team stays hydrated with this fashion-forward beverage.[/nectar_hotspot][/nectar_image_with_hotspots]
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The story of DesignHaus begins in 2014 in an extra-bedroom-turned-home-office. As the right-brained creative and visionary, Mike leads all creative development, while Wendy manages the left-brained duties of business organization, numbers, and details. The world of small business provides plenty of learning curves, but with hard work, great clients, and a little luck, we’ve managed to move out of that home office. DesignHaus has grown to a small team of impressive talent. We are grateful each and every day that our team shows up and brings their collective talents to the table. We can’t wait for you to meet them.

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  • Thursday is wine time, come on over
  • Current Ping-Pong Champion: Forever Joanna
  • Currently listening to: A dope 90’s Playlist
  • Favorite Office Lunch: The Peanut, Papa Keno’s, Brew Lab
[team_member image_url=”2836″ bio_image_url=”2836″ team_memeber_style=”bio_fullscreen” name=”Mike Hauser” job_position=”Creative Founder” size=”“tiny“” icon_size=”““” image=”“fa-behance“`}`”]
[team_member image_url=”2834″ bio_image_url=”2834″ team_memeber_style=”bio_fullscreen” name=”Wendy Hauser” job_position=”Operations Founder” size=”“tiny“” icon_size=”““” image=”“fa-behance“`}`”]
[team_member image_url=”1618″ bio_image_url=”1629″ team_memeber_style=”bio_fullscreen” name=”Salvy” job_position=”Woof” size=”“tiny“” icon_size=”““” image=”“fa-behance“`}`” team_member_bio=”Sniff Sniff Lick”]
[team_member image_url=”2832″ bio_image_url=”2832″ team_memeber_style=”bio_fullscreen” name=”Daniel Stewart” job_position=”Graphic Designer” size=”“tiny“” icon_size=”““” image=”“fa-behance“`}`”]
[team_member image_url=”2833″ bio_image_url=”2833″ team_memeber_style=”bio_fullscreen” name=”Kristin Enyart” job_position=”Graphic Designer” size=”“tiny“” icon_size=”““” image=”“fa-behance“`}`”]
[team_member image_url=”2835″ bio_image_url=”2835″ team_memeber_style=”bio_fullscreen” name=”Stephanie Brantman” job_position=”Sr. Designer” size=”“tiny“” icon_size=”““” image=”“fa-behance“`}`”]
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